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The Ramtek Resin Capsules are of international standard with good performance. The Capsules consist of two separate compartments containing polyester resin and a suitable catalyst. During installation, as the bolt is rotated, it ruptures the skin and mixes the resin and catalyst. This causes a chemical reaction resulting in a solid anchor with the desired properties.


The Standard size of Resin Capsules are:

1. 24mm dia x 450mm long and 24 mm dia x 800 mm long for coal mines.
2. 25mm dia x 300mm long, 32xmm dia x 300mm long and 40mm dia x 300mm long for tunneling projects.

The capsules can be made available as per the customer's requirement. The gel time will vary as per the requirement. In fast set capsules, the gel time is 30 to 60 seconds and 2 to 3 minutes in slow set capsules. The gel time reduces with increase in temperature and increases at low temperature conditions.

Mechanical Properties:

The Ramtek Resin Capsules are manufactured after testing the raw materials and the resin mastic of each mix. The following specifications are maintained to ensure quality of the product.

1. Compressive strength 80 Mpa
2. Punch shear strength 30 Mpa


1. The bolt rotation allows effective mixing of resin mastic and catalyst compartments.
2. Rapid insertion, easy and quick to use with strong and consistent anchorage.
3. Higher compressive strength and modulus.
4. Very effective for use in weak strata.
5. Protects bolts from corrosion and produces excellent results in wet or underwater condition.


The shelf life of Ramtek Resin Capsules is 4 month when stored at 25Deg C. Storage at further lower temperature would increase the shelf life, it is important to note that storage at higher temperature would reduce the shelf life and may not achieve the desired results. Ramtek Resin Capsules should be stored in cool & dry place away from sunlight preferably in underground when the surface temperature is high. While using the cold resin capsules, adequate time should be given to attain the ambient temperature before use.


Ramtek Cement Capsules are normally used for grouting Roof Bolts in mines and tunnels. In these capsules, cement, sand, high alumina cement are mixed adding some chemicals in suitable proportions and packed in perforated polythene pouches. At the time of application, the capsules are soaked in water to form thick cement grout. Such capsules are inserted in the drill holes and the bolt pushed in for full column grouting. The cement grouted bolts of 20 mm dia rebar are normally used in coal mines, which develop anchorage strength of 4 Tonnes in 30 minutes and 6 Tonnes in 2 hrs and 10 Tonnes in 24 hrs. Slow and Fast setting capsules are available as per the requirement. For tunnels, the cement grout is suitably modified to suit the requirements of tunneling projects. The shelf life of Cement Capsules is 6 months when stored in dry place. The standard sizes of cement capsules are:

32 mm dia x 400 mm long
25 mm dia x 400 mm long
20 mm dia x 400 mm long

The cement capsules can be made available as per the customer's requirement. High strength Cement Capsules can be made available as per customer's requirement. We have developed manufacturing capacity of 5 million capsules per month.