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Welcome to Ramtek Industries

Ramtek Industries was established in 1997 by N.R.Raju and N. Madhuri with the guidance from Dr. N.M.Raju. We pioneered in manufacturing and supplying high quality Resin Capsules to the prestigious hydel projects in Himalayas. We have developed indigenous by N.R. Raju mechanised resin capsules manufacturing plant with a capacity of two million resin capsules per annum of international standards.


Resin Capsules

The Ramtek Resin Capsules are of international standard with good performance. The Capsules consist of two separate compartments containing polyester resin and a suitable catalyst. During installation, as the bolt is rotated, it ruptures the skin and mixes the resin and catalyst. This causes a chemical reaction resulting in a solid anchor with the desired properties.

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Cement Capsules

Ramtek Cement Capsules are normally used for grouting Roof Bolts in mines and tunnels. In these capsules, cement, sand, high alumina cement are mixed adding some chemicals in suitable proportions and packed in perforated polythene pouches. At the time of application, the capsules are soaked in water to form thick cement grout. Such capsules are inserted in the drill holes and the bolt pushed in for full column grouting.

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